A&K Skill Development: Select League 'Back2School'

This September we will be hosting another select league. Earlier this year we had a great experience, players got better and the level of play was raised week to week. Now its back with the theme of getting ready for the upcoming school basketball season.

The league will be split into two divisions with the a maximum of 9 players per team.

Division 1 will be JUNIOR VARSITY consisting of 5th and 6th graders
Division 2 will be VARSITY consisting of 7th and 8th graders 

2 days a week for 6 weeks we will be hosting 5 on 5 basketball games which include:
- Professional College and/or High School Referees
- 10 minute quarters
- Junior Varsity Division 5th- 6th
- Varsity Division 7th- 8th 

- Passionate and Fair Coaches. 
- Player Statistics
- Player Profiles

- Photos,Video etc.
- A&K Team Jerseys 
- A chance to play against new competition

$200: includes entry to the end of year banquet where we will be presenting awards and prizes for the All Star 5, Defensive Player of the League and Most Improved Player of the League amongst others.

And in true A&K fashion we will be providing full player evaluations over the 6 weeks done by the coach of the team and A&K Trainer so each player has knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses to improve for this year.
We hope everyone enjoys and learns something from the experience. GOOD LUCK!!  


Rules and regulations:

  • Two 30-second timeouts per half

  • Running clock

  • Standard game rules apply

  • Substitutions only during dead ball situations

  • No Zones


General Information:

  • 8 games plus playoffs guaranteed

  • All games will be recorded

  • 10 minute quarters

  • Certified college and/or high school officials

  • Scoresheet & clock operators provided

  • Game Jerseys provided

  • Individual and team stats will be recorded

Dates and Times:

  • Junior Varsity play Tuesday and Saturdays

  • Varsity play Wednesday and Sunday

  • Starting September 18th

  • Doors open no earlier than 5:15 on week days

  • Game start time TBA

  • $5 dollar admission

If you have any additional questions head over to our contact page and we will answer your questions promptly